Eagle Creek is the industry leader in U.S. Onshore, successfully operating technology centers from North and South Dakota for the last fourteen years. From CRM, to Java or .NET, to Business Intelligence; superior in capabilities to offshore, more reasonable than on site, while enabling knowledge retention and reliable governance. We are successfully delivering the most sophisticated projects to the world.


Founded in 1999, Eagle Creek Software Services provides consulting and technical expertise to the Enterprise. We focus on CRM, Application Development, Data Integration and BI, helping our clients increase quality and efficiency while managing price and risk in software development, deployment and support.

We’re uniquely positioned by combining on site expertise with our U.S. Onshore delivery platforms. This model utilizes on shore but offsite, technology center based resources, in a model that we developed in collaboration with the state governments of North and South Dakota. Through this approach, we are able to achieve consistency and sustainability in the provisioning of technical and consulting capabilities to our clients.

With over 21 years in business and over 5 million hours of experience, Eagle Creek has expertise in a multitude of industries. From Hospitality to Manufacturing, we have the know-how to implement, upgrade or maintain your technology stack. But if you’re in need of a company with a special understanding, a deep industry expertise, we have that also. Some of the areas/sectors that we excel in include Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Communications, Technology, and Life Sciences.

We’re committed to delivering a technology value proposition that positively impacts our customer and to helping you sustain your front office technology investments. Simply stated, you want the highest quality of services, at the most affordable price, where risk is continuously assessed and mitigated. With all of our years of experience we only know one way to achieve this, and that’s through U.S. Onshore. Fourteen years ago, when everyone was building offshore facilities, we were investing in U.S. Onshore. Today, we are the innovation leader supporting over 40 different technologies, applications and platforms. CRM, Application Development, BI – Salesforce, Oracle, Birst, Cognos, Informatica, Java, .NET and Drupal – depth of expertise and breadth of experience.

We’re Eagle Creek – the innovative leader in U.S. Onshore.