Who we are

Eagle Creek is a U.S. technology and management consulting company with a 21-year history of outreaching the expected. We developed the industry’s first U.S. Onshore model as an alternative to offshore. Today, our model is the standard for advanced digital capabilities. We created Adaptive Agile: a hybrid agile methodology specifically designed for large-scale, complex projects. It is through this model that we deliver high quality, defect free results to our Fortune 2000 customers. We’ve evolved into a comprehensive digital business technology company. From CRM to app dev to mobility, we provide leading technical consulting services that give our customers a complete user experience. Since December 15, 2020, Eagle Creek is part of Atos. 

Why Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek sets itself apart from the rest of the industry.

  • We have the experience, expertise, and excellence. Our teams have over 7 million hours in designing, building, and supporting applications for the Fortune 2000.
  • We’re an innovative leader in U.S. Onshore.
  • Our 21-years of experience and multi-industry expertise advances our customer platforms.
  • We currently have 350+ employees.
  • Our consultants have 700+ Salesforce certifications and superbadges.

Customer success Stories

Business people

Our delivery model

Eagle Creek’s delivery model was developed in collaboration with the state governments of North and South Dakota. It uniquely combines 21 years of onsite expertise with 14 years of U.S. Onshore maturity. With our delivery model, enterprises have the ability to shift their resource strategy and meet the technical demands of digital transformation.

Digital Transformation through U.S. Onshore

Our focus

Eagle Creek’s history is exclusively with customer-engaging platforms and technologies. We’ve implemented and developed global solutions in CRM, CMS, web dev, app dev, digital commerce, mobility, complex data integration and analytics.

Our expertise spans cross-industry in the Healthcare & Life Sciences, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Resources & Services, Telecom, and Public & Defense sectors. 


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