This is a world of speed, communication, context and collaboration. This transformation is engaging new technologies requiring new skills, changing skills, combined in less familiar frameworks. There’s constant pressure on the budget and we are obliged to embrace new methods, like Agile. Acknowledging you can’t get there alone; this drives a demand for a new type of consulting partner. Eagle Creek is such a partner.

Digital Business Transformation

It’s all about Digital Transformation – the unification of the physical and on line worlds; the use of digital channels to enhance the customer, prospect and employee experience. This transformation has new requirements, engages new technologies, and in turn requires innovative services solutions that possess proximity, context, cultural and business alignment and that can deliver at the speed dictated by the digital market. This adds to the dilemma of balancing price, quality and risk in software development, deployment and support.

It’s a journey that will create an increasing backlog of IT projects continually inhibited by a stagnant or falling budget. The only apparent solutions are to increase the budget, reduce cost of technical resources, or drive greater efficiencies. The reality is that succeeding in digital transformation will require all three. More

Embracing Digital Business means Transforming IT

IT organizations are compelled to re-build, transform, accelerate, align and become immersed in the business. Re-tooling the skills you have, adapting to the persistent scarcity of those you don’t, and moving from Waterfall to Agile.

Acknowledging you can’t get there alone; this drives a demand for a new type of consulting partner. Contemporary technology service companies lack the ability to combine technical prowess, with enterprise experience, a unique delivery model and the consulting processes required to deliver predictable outcomes in this less predictable world.

Offshore was built for Y2K – classic Waterfall, and post 2001 had one goal – to deliver the cheapest technical resource possible. It lacks proximity in all its affectations - physical, contextual and cultural. It remains too removed to understand your customers’ customer and the possibility of it succeeding offshore in Agile is as remote as its location.

The pure Management Consulting companies can bring the grand vision which is accompanied by the grand price tag – not something that will be helped by that stagnant or falling budget.

You need a company that helps you deliver to the business. One that brings a focus on customer facing applications, combines technical skills, enterprise experience and is able to provision the much-needed higher level competencies. One that understands the need for speed while retaining physical, contextual and cultural proximity inherently provided by a model that can also serve the budget. More

Agile in the Enterprise

The move toward Digital requires the adoption of Agile. Agile has become the generally accepted better method for accelerated delivery, improved alignment with the business and enhanced ability to manage change. Skills shortages, cost, a lack of domain expertise and proximity are all forces that dilute the effectiveness of pure Agile. In summary it’s about “readiness”, culture and enterprise complexity. Agile methodologies have to be adapted for deployment in the enterprise recognizing their particular characteristics. In the Enterprise world non-collocated teams have to be considered, clear budget visibility has to be provided, skills shortages have to be managed, and inconsistent engagement with the business has to be expected.

Eagle Creek’s Adaptive Agile meets the needs of Digital Transformation. In enabling the optimal balance of price, quality and risk in software development Eagle Creek stands alone in experience and expertise to manage complex enterprise projects. More

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