I.T. organizations are forced to rebuild, transform, accelerate, align and become immersed in the business. And acknowledging you can’t get there alone drives a demand for a new consulting partner.

Eagle Creek’s hybrid methodology, Adaptive Agile, combines the speed-to-market advances of Agile with the structured discipline of waterfall, in order to manage projects of any size or complexity.



Higher Quality Development

  • Agile is transparent, promoting closer collaboration with the business, and enabling clients to become highly involved throughout all stages of the project 
  • Improved management of enterprise projects 
  • High level of interdependence with multiple systems
  • Frequent communication between teams regardless of location
  • Projects are broken into manageable components allowing teams to achieve higher quality outcomes


  • Offers early and predictable delivery 
  • New features are delivered quickly and frequently giving organizations the opportunity to release software earlier than planned
  • Reduced time between defect introduction and detection resulting in lower costs and higher quality execution 
  • Changes can be quickly coded and tested
  • Functionality is available to users to preview faster

Flexibility in Structure

  • Requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams
  • Areas of ambiguity allow for Iterative development to start and evolve within requirements to reach project goals
  • Suitable for executing projects with strong architectural or non-functional requirements
  • End users of the system are available to validate progress and confirm assumptions
  • Facilitates easier transition of individual skillsets to an Agile framework 
  • Allows for easier change, so organizations have the option to constantly refine and reprioritize the overall product backlog

Increased User Involvement

  • Higher level of commitment and communication with client to lead to more satisfied customers
  • More individual and team productivity
  • Reduced user adoption issues
  • Any issues, risks and impediments are identified and can be resolved right away


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