Valley CityValley City-Barnes County Development Corporation, community partner of Eagle Creek, wins a prestigious prize from the Bush Foundation for community development. The Bush Foundation was established in 1953 by Archibald Bush, early chairman of the 3M Corporation. This foundation encourages people and organizations, like Valley City, to think differently about finding solutions within their own community. 

“The fourteen yearlong commitment between Eagle Creek and Valley City is an integral part in achieving this prize,” said Jennifer Feist of the Valley City Economic Development Group. “Valley City was uniquely chosen for its traditional and non-traditional economic development efforts. This includes recruiting companies like Eagle Creek, expanding local businesses, as well as creating opportunities for housing, childcare, and wellness,” further added Feist.

"This year's winners are defined by their courage. They shake loose solutions to seemingly intractable problems by opening themselves up to surprising partnerships, sharing ownership and bringing together people who don't always agree. This method of working takes guts, and our region is better because of their courage," said Mandy Ellerton, Bush Foundation Community Innovation Director in a news release. 

Eagle Creek began operations in Valley City in 2005. This groundbreaking public-private partnership created the first U.S. onshore technology center, while bringing relevant and highly skilled technology jobs to non-urban America. This innovative and sustainable partnership allows Eagle Creek to provide the highest quality technical services to platforms such as Salesforce at the most cost-effective price in the industry.

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