Artificial Intelligence – It’s Now in Your Grasp

Many think Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) initiatives are beyond the grasp of today’s business landscape. It’s not. The AI/ML market is projected to be $169 Billion by 2025 and is going mainstream. The driving forces — integration of cloud-based applications like Salesforce and global situations like Covid-19.

“As a result of the pandemic, many company’s digital transformation road map jumped to the high-speed lane. And these same companies want a faster and more accurate way to deal with their data. Looking ahead, I fully expect AI and ML to play a major role in DT strategies,” Sandeep Kadam, Director of CRM and Enterprise Technology at Eagle Creek.

“As more companies are fast-tracking their data environments, AI and ML’s list of use cases is expanding. Unfortunately, it’s not at the pace companies need. But that problem is resolved — we’ve built a Java-based AI/ML toolset that can adapt to most situations. Once again Eagle Creek is the progressive solution. A CRM services company with a 21-year history of delivering innovative and quality solutions to the Fortune 2000,” further added Kadam.

AI/ML Use Case - Contract Data Extraction  

Eagle Creek was engaged by a Salesforce customer to develop a Contract MDM Strategy. The customer’s existing contracts resided in various locations and in various forms and formats.  Data elements had to be extracted, enriched, organized, and then stored in Salesforce. Our solution - we created a Java-based AI/ML toolset that learned and extracted elements across thousands of contracts with 99% accuracy.  Extracted data elements included:

  • Effective date
  • Auto renewals
  • Contract type
  • Initial term start
  • Initial term months
  • Extended term start
  • Extended term months
  • Monthly fee
  • Signature date
  • Notes
  • Notice period
  • Product type
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