America has an IT problem and it’s time Americans stepped up to fix it. For the past couple of decades, the country has been shipping its IT work offshore. Initially, this was done due to cost, but corporate America evolved and so did the demands of IT services. Due to our efforts and these changing demands there’s a growing realization that the talent we need to support the increasing amount and complexity of technologies used in commerce is right here in the U.S.A. – communities like Vermillion, South Dakota. At Eagle Creek, we operate a domestic sourcing model – we call it “U.S. Onshoring”. We have Technology Centers in North & South Dakota and Minneapolis, MN. From here, we provide technical and consulting services which help our customers get the best use out of their software investments.

Our U.S. Onshore model competes internationally and only works with the collaborative relationships we have with State of South Dakota, The University of South Dakota, the South Dakota Board of Regents and the City of Vermillion. The willingness, innovation, talent and “can do” spirit of a community like Vermillion enables us to continue to build this sustainable, scalable and stable IT Services company. We offer a competitive, challenging, and exciting career in order to help orchestrate the resurgence of the IT Services industry in this country.

Digital transformation starts with you. Join Eagle Creek’s team for cutting-edge projects, industry leading technology, and great customers. Click here to apply.

  • The Vermillion Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start your relocation adventure. Their web site, http://www.vermillion.us, includes a listing of preferred businesses as well as what to see, what to do, where to eat, and more. Visit their site, or better yet, call 605-677-7050 and have them send you a Visitor Guide with relocation information.

    Once you’re here, getting hooked up is easy. Here are some frequently needed services:

    • City of Vermillion
      25 Center Street
      Vermillion, SD 57069
    • Clay-Rural Water System, Inc.
      30376 SD Hwy. 19
      Wakonda, SD 57073
      Email: gpmcrws@iw.net
    Natural gas
    cable, internet, and phone
  • Renting or owning is a personal, financial and lifestyle decision. 

    Some folks prefer to rent and understand the area over a period of time and some folks embrace home ownership immediately.

    Either way, there is a range of choices in both the property rental and purchase market.

    A good place to start is by going to either of the web sites below:


  • Accepting a position with Eagle Creek in Vermillion often affects someone else-- someone close to you, and someone you want to stay close to. Your significant other will find an array of challenging, rewarding careers in Vermillion, South Dakota.

    Vermillion has a vibrant and varied business community. It offers great opportunities to serve in leadership roles in education, agriculture, health, environment, human services, public safety, tourism, revenue, transportation and recreation.

    Vermillion also encourages entrepreneurs with free business consultations and startup loans through the Small Business Development Center.

    With the assurance that your friend or partner will be challenged and rewarded in Vermillion, you can focus on your career path with Eagle Creek.

    For opportunities with the city click on the link below:


    For information on Vermillion Economic Development go to:


  • After a hard day of solving global IT problems with your team, it's okay to cut loose and have some fun. As a community, Vermillion recognizes this by collectively organizing events throughout the year as well as orchestrating the environment to “go your own way”.

    Some of these events are new and gaining popularity, and some have become traditional in their own right.

    Everyone is invited. Take the opportunity to meet old friends, make new friends and participate in the fabric of this unique community. 

  • One of the wonderful things about living in the Midwest is the variety of outdoor activities available throughout the year. Fishing and boating on the Vermillion and Missouri rivers as well as biking, walking, hiking, hunting, camping, swimming, and watching & playing sports. In the winter, there’s snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing, skating and hunting.

    Vermillion boasts numerous attractions. Take that hike, sample some of the local wine and explore the museums and galleries. There’s no time like the present.

  • There are many opportunities to get involved in and around the community of Vermillion. This can be done by taking advantage of the great location and all that it provides for us, through joining one of the many local clubs and societies.

    There are an assortment of privately run organizations, charitable bodies and foundations, international societies, sports clubs and professional associations. Some are the local branches of national organizations, some are unique to our area, and some are part of the vibrant aspects brought by the University of South Dakota.

    Whatever your interest or profession, Vermillion has all clubs, groups, and associations to fit your needs. If not, you can always start one…you’ll find this community is receptive to new ideas.

  • There’s always plenty happening in Vermillion if you choose to get involved.

    Home to the University of South Dakota, with Division 1 athletics, this community offers cultural, recreational, entertainment, diversity, business and service opportunities that are unparalleled for a community our size.

    Explore the Missouri River or discover fine arts activities such as galleries, live music, theatre, dance productions which are presented by presented by the local community arts council, community theatre or USD.

    Vermillion has many parks, stores, history, and restaurants.

    And it has a full annual schedule of sports events, seasonal festivals and cultural celebrations.

    For more information, contact the Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce and Development Company at:

  • Vermillion, South Dakota lies atop a bluff of the last natural stretch of the beautiful and pristine Missouri River. Founded in 1859, Vermillion is a community known throughout the region for its friendliness, its historical significance, its beautiful setting, its area attractions and its educational resources.

    Vermillion is located in the southeast corner of South Dakota and offers easy access to and from surrounding communities in South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. Vermillion has gotten attention for economic development and growth through their community-wide efforts to focus on job creation, housing needs, regional cooperation, industrial park development, recruitment of new industries, retail promotions as well as tourism and recreation.

    Vermillion has many unique advantages to offer, including a talented, hardworking and dedicated work force; an environment that encourages innovation and progressive thinking; a blended and dynamic University community with diverse demographics; infrastructure to sustain growth and expansion; flexibility to accommodate the future; great school systems; quality health care providers and services; regional partnerships; and a charming sense of community.

  • Much history has been written about Vermillion. It was a town located below bluffs and on the riverbanks of the Missouri River.

    A steamboat landing was at the foot of the Ravine Hill, which is now South Dakota Street, and the mouth of the Vermillion River was not far from that point.

    On August 24, 1804, Lewis and Clark camped at the mouth of the Vermillion River and from there made their trek to Spirit Mound. Before the settlers and homesteaders came in 1860, the junction of the Missouri River and Vermilion River had for generations been the camping ground of one of the bands of the Yankton Sioux Indians. Here they cultivated their little fields of corn. In the summer, their tepees stood on top of the bluff to get the summer breezes and when winter came they moved to the bottom of the hill to get the shelter from the winter’s storms. Along the bluff was the silent resting place of their deceased relatives.

    After Lewis and Clark were here in 1804, numerous trappers and fur traders went up and down the river, and the Columbia Fur Co. established a trading post at the mouth of the Vermillion River. In 1843, the famous artist John James Audubon visited the Vermillion ravine to check on the abundance of bird life.

    On August 8, 1844, the first white settlers to the area were a group of Mormons seeking a new home after being driven out of Illinois. From the time they left Illinois until they reached the Missouri River, they did not have sufficient food. Arriving here, they were in buffalo country and they had plenty of meat and wild honey so they fared better. In 1846, they laid out a large farm and wanted to raise grain. Soon after that word came from the leading man to pull up stakes and move down river near Omaha. From there, they continued to point west until they arrived in Utah in July of 1847.

    By 1860, the Yankton Sioux Indians were moved to the government lands and Dakota Territory was opened to homesteaders. In this area, many were of Scandinavian descent. In the southwest part of Clay County, we have many Norwegian families. Further north many Danish families came to file their homesteads. The Swedes settled in the middle part of the county, while the Irish and French families made their new homes in the eastern and southeastern parts of the county. As these families came, Vermillion grew and became a thriving community. However, just when everything was doing so well, a huge flood in 1881 came and washed Vermillion away. This did not discourage the merchants as they immediately came to the top of the bluff and began building their new stores.

    The town of Vermillion was incorporated in 1873. There were 3 hotels, general stores, sawmills, and drugstores. Also, there was a bank, a barbershop, and a flourmill.

    The spiritual needs of the people was served by four churches: Baptist, Methodist, Congregational and Episcopal. The University of South Dakota was established in 1862 at the first meeting of the Territorial Legislature held at Yankton. Vermillion was not without hardships. Not only did the flood do a lot of damage, but there was also a fire that demolished the business district and a diptheria epidemic that hit Vermillion’s population. 

    However, people rebuilt the buildings and families pushed forward to make Vermillion a wonderful place to live. Today, we have a mixture of people coming from the farming community, the university and the local businesses, that all work together to keep our town moving ahead. It is a town of many retired people who have chosen to continue to live here. We have an excellent educational program in our schools and churches. Vermillion is a wonderful place to live. There is never a lack of things to do there. There are activities year-around sponsored by the Vermillion Area Chamber & Development Company, the University of South Dakota and the City of Vermillion. 

  • The Vermillion Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start your relocation adventure. Their web site, http://www.vermillion.us , includes a listing of preferred businesses as well as what to see, what to do, where to eat, and more. Visit their site, or better yet, call 605-677-7050 and have them send you a Visitor Guide with relocation information.

  • Boasting small- town charm and big- town cultural amenities, Vermillion residents and visitors have access to local museums and art galleries as well as theatre, art, live music and dance productions. This unique blend of cultural, academic and recreational opportunities is available and unparalleled in a community of this size. In addition to the many cultural activities associated with The University of South Dakota, the community is home to many groups and organizations, such as the Vermillion Area Arts Council and Vermillion Community Theatre, which add to the rich history and cultural traditions of the area.

  • Vermillion’s healthcare facilities are advanced and expanding every day. The Vermillion area is fortunate to be served by a full staff of local physicians and an array of visiting specialists. Local services include Adult and Family Medicine, General Surgery, Women’s Health, Digital Mammography, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Geriatric Care and Hospice, with new services continually being added.