Eagle Creek + AI = Data Validation

Eagle Creek is a leading digital transformation company with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities. We’re uniquely positioned to assist our Salesforce customers experiencing data challenges with our extensive technical services capabilities coupled with our Java-based AI/ML toolset.

“Our AI/ML solution accepts PDFs and images, and can extend to invoices, sales orders, SKUs, and clinical trial scripts. It then applies Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision ML, Optical Character Recognition, Entity Extraction Model, and Neural Network to ‘see’, ‘read’, and ‘reason’ with the data. The output – a CSV file,” Sandeep Kadam, Director of CRM and Enterprise Technologies for Eagle Creek.

“We have seen our AL/ML toolset provide exceptional results across a variety of areas such as invoice sales alignment, SKU management, product catalogue organization, clinical trial result sorting, and data abstraction from images and electronic documents,” further added Kadam.

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