Businesses are now undergoing a digital transformation driven by advances in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies that must be engaged to create a business advantage.

Digital transformation creates tremendous budget and backlog challenges for IT—including finding and deploying needed resources quickly, while managing a balance of price, quality, and risk. But development and implementation is complex and skilled talent is hard to find.

IT has finite options for technical resources with the universe of possibilities limited to four alternatives.

You can add internal IT staff, but that's costly and compensation is projected to grow! Not to mention that retaining highly skilled talent and scaling to match demand lends itself to instability.

You can use onsite contractors, but often the demand exceeds supply causing higher costs and turnover. Knowledge retention becomes a major issue as short-term contractors take the "how-to" with them when the projects wrap up.

You can go offshore. Offshoring has become synonymous with outsourcing, and outsourcing with lower cost and lower quality, due mostly to teams lacking western business context.

Or, you can opt for U.S. Onshore, which puts consultants offsite, but not offshore, and always located in the United States. Quality control is held to extremely high standards for each consultant, ensuring that they are highly trained, knowledgeable, contextually familiar, and the most effective in using Agile delivery methodologies.

Gartner recently released a grid that defines which technical resource solution should be utilized for a particular type of technology deployment.

In mature, predictable, well-documented environments, offshore remain viable components of the strategy. But in environments like you find with digital transformation, onshore and onsite alternatives are the only ones that can satisfy the types of skills required and the agile methodology needed.

Eagle Creek has become the market leader in U.S. Onshore. Our Technology Centers which are located in the midwest were developed in partnership with state governments and university systems and we have consultants throughout the U.S.

Our over 350 consultants focus on CRM to Application Development to Mobility, with engagements in the most demanding environments covering a wide range of industries.

Succeeding in Digital Transformation is about technology and expertise. U.S. Onshore enables the advancement of these digital initiatives while managing price, quality and risk in software development.

Eagle Creek - Digital Transformation through U.S. Onshore.