Companies are looking for technologies that can significantly improve the customer experience and drive revenue growth. These "Systems of Engagement" promise real change, but development and implementation is complex and skilled talent is hard to find. Today's challenge for IT departments is finding and deploying the needed resources quickly, while managing a balance of price, quality, and risk.

Typically IT departments choose one of three sourcing models. You can add internal IT staff, it's costly, and compensation is projected to grow! Not to mention that retaining highly skilled talent and scaling to match demand lends itself to instability. You can use onsite contractors, but often the demand exceeds supply causing higher costs and turnover. Knowledge retention becomes a major issue as short-term contractors take the "how-to" with them when the projects wrap up.

Offshoring has become synonymous with outsourcing, and outsourcing with lower quality, due mostly to teams lacking western business context. What seems like a big and cheap solution can add pressure on the business, translating to lost revenues and hidden costs.

Enter U.S. Onshore sourcing of IT services. This puts consultants offsite, but not offshore.

Consultants are able to deliver the capabilities of an employee, but allow departments to scale quickly without the added costs. They can be added to the team like onsite contractors at a much more aggressive price point.

And quality control is held to extremely high standards for each consultant, they are highly trained, contextually familiar and knowledgeable. The answer to an effective sourcing strategy lies in a balanced Global Sourcing Model. When done effectively, keeps costs low while providing high quality results.

Achieve balance with Eagle Creek's market leading U.S. Onshoring Technology Center Model. Developed in partnership with state governments and university systems. We have technology centers in the Midwest plus consultants throughout the U.S.

Our over 350 consultants focus on CRM, Business Intelligence and Application Development, with engagements in the most demanding environments covering a wide range of industries.

While companies evolve towards offering a more balanced Global Sourcing Model for IT services, Eagle Creek is leading the way for onshore solutions.

We’re putting the “U.S.” in Global Sourcing.